Detection the presence of mini action potential


Licence CeCILL-C
Copyright © M Goillandeau IMN / CNRS, Université de Bordeaux (2012,2013)

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This software is a computer program whose purpose is to detect the presence of mini action potential during an electrophysiological recording with the patch-clamp method (mEPSCs, eIPSCs)…

License :

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Copyright © M Goillandeau IMN / CNRS, Université de Bordeaux (2012,2013,2017)

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i) License key
To send the update, i want to know the people and computers that use my program.
If you have a file with invalid key license, the program is limited.
The file result is restricted to 50 events.
Install the software and click to Help:License Key and send an email to the author with your ID and Computer number.

ii) Acknowledgment
If you write a paper using this program, I would be very happy that i am in Acknowledgment with the name of this program name and the author.

Exported to .csv spreadsheet format

This program efficiently detects the presence of mini action potential during an electrophysiological recording with the patch-clamp method (mEPSCs, eIPSCs).
For the moment, it is compatible with files created by ABF pClamp (© Molecular Devices).Version 9 and 10 are supported.

The characteristics of PA are exported to .csv spreadsheet format

Num: Event number in the list of events detected.
You may have jumps corresponding to remove event.
Positions: Time of the peak.
Max-BL: Peak amplitude (measured on the biological signal but not on fit signal)
Baseline: Value of the baseline before the event.
Rise time: Duration between the 10 and 90% of the peak amplitude
Offset Exp: Value of the baseline of fit signal
Amplitude Exp: Value of the amplitude of fit signal
Tau exp: tau of exponential
R*R exp: R2, square of Pearson correlation coefficient
Higner 5* tau: 1 if the next event is over 5*tau (n), the fit is not disturbed by this event.
Higher 5*Tau_Exp(n-1): 1 if the previous event is over 5*tau (n-1), the amplitude and rise time are not disturbed by this event.
And operation:
i) 1 or 3 if the next event is over 5*tau (n)
ii) 2 or 3 if the previous event is over 5*tau (n-1)
iii) 3 if the event preceding is over 5*tau (n-1) and the next was over than 5*tau

You can export to spreadsheet file or/and image files(jpeg).

Amplitude vs Tau
Amplitude vs Rise Time
Rise Time vs Tau
Average trace


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